Marine Works

 Our marine services includes ship maintenance works, store supply, welding and fabrication jobs, engine repair works, all types of electrical jobs, sand blasting , chipping and painting, storage tank fabrication, tank cleaning, hydraulic repair works and hydro testing.

We have our staff and expertise with over 20 years experience from Coast Marine Services in Ajman U.A.E.  Our technical team includes well-experienced marine engineers, marine mechanics, marine fabricators, X-Ray welders and tank cleaners etc.

Marine Activities

  •   Ship Maintenance works
  •   Store supply
  •   welding and fabrication jobs   
  •   Engine repairs   
  •   All type of electrical repair jobs
  •   Sand blasting, chipping and painting Jobs 
  •   Storage tank fabrication
  •   Tank cleaning
  •   Hydraulic Repair works
  •   Hydro testing